Andrew Haak

I’m a music producer, sound designer, and educator.


 Here’s a taste of what I do.


I don’t hide from the fact that I make my music on a computer — I embrace sounds that can only be made using electronics and software. But I also love to take the natural sounds of acoustic instruments, voices, and assorted field recordings, and heavily process them in software to create hybrid organic/digital sounds.

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Sound design

I taught sound design at Pyramind’s ground campus in San Francisco to several groups of students across 2018 and 2019. I believe sound design is a powerful skill for music producers, unlocking doors to signature sounds and allowing even the simplest musical ideas sound deep and captivating. It’s at the intersection of creative and technical, which is right where I like to be. I’m currently in production on my first official sample pack.

I’ve also dipped my toes into sound design for picture, recently completing a short documentary to be released later in 2019. That’ll be here once it’s available.

Here’s a small, free pack of glitchy drum fills that I processed in several ways to use in one of my tracks. They can easily be chopped, stretched, and mangled further. I love using little bits and pieces like this to make my work feel different.


I composed original music and did some light sound design for this demo project using one of the It Follows film trailers.

I enjoy the change in approach when composing music to accompany a visual narrative — I get to help convey and complete the emotion of a scene, and since the score is a supporting element rather than the audience’s entire focus there’s less pressure to entertain.

I’ll make your project sound good

While I’m pursuing my own artist career, I’m also available to help you make your projects sound their best. I love producing for other artists, doing post-production for picture, sound designing for both music and picture, providing instruction for fellow music producers, and more.

  • Music production

  • Post production (editing, sound design)

  • Private instruction in Ableton Live and sound design with various synths/samplers

  • Mixing

About me

I love sound and music more than I can put into words. I ran a zine as an avid punk/hardcore/metal fan for about eight years. I’ve been creating music in one form or another since I was a kid. It started with a Casio keyboard and a tape recorder. It morphed into pop-punk and post-hardcore bands in my teens and 20s. I eventually discovered electronic music production, and it moved me enough to quit my cozy corporate job and change careers.

I’m a graduate of Pyramind’s Sound for Picture and Games program, and went on to teach the school’s Sound Design 101 class (focusing on software sampling and synthesis) to roughly 50 students throughout 2018 and 2019. I recently co-authored Ableton Live 101, an introductory textbook designed for Ableton Live instructors to use as a teaching aid.

Currently, I’m writing lots of music and pursuing my artist career from Portland, Oregon.


Tools of choice

Ableton Live

Logic Pro X

Pro Tools

Soundtoys 5

iZotope Ozone

Valhalla Room








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